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We offer a wide range of coffee beans from around the world with a focus on directly traded coffees that are sourced ethically, sustainably and that taste fantastic in the cup. Free UK tracked delivery when you spend £20 or more.

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Coffee Bean FAQ's

Which coffee beans should I use for espresso?

Our Nova and Workhorse coffee beans are great for espresso (especially if you love chocolate/nutty notes) but if you enjoy more complex, juicy flavour profiles then all of our single origins can be used for espresso too!

Our blends tend to be easier to dial in are more forgiving on espresso. All of our single origins can be used to make espresso but might require more grinder adjustments and longer extractions. Brew recipes for our coffee beans can be found on each coffee page.

Which coffee beans should I use for filter?

If you are looking for bright flavour notes, we'd suggest one of our great Single Origin Coffees. For more complexity, take a look at our Rare & Exclusive Coffees

We also recommend our more traditional blends, Workhorse and Nova for those who want to brew cafetiere or drink their filter coffee with milk.

How ethical is your coffee?

Our coffee beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Rwanda and Kenya are traded directly making sure that growers receive a fair price for their hard work.

Coffees that we don't source from producers directly, are bought from specialist importers. We choose to work with importers that have similar ethical values and are focusing on paying prices that are well above fair trade.

You can learn more about this in our Transparency Report. 

Why buy coffee beans?

Our coffee beans are always freshly roasted on our Loring eco roaster. Buying freshly roasted coffee beans and grinding fresh will help you to produce the best possible coffee. Checkout our range of coffee grinders. 

We are also able to grind all of our coffee beans to order.