Speciality Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Order our freshly roasted speciality coffee beans online 

Our coffees are suitable for espresso and drip coffee methods

We only sell whole bean coffee but a range of grinders are available to purchase here. If you are looking for organic coffee beans online please email us for recommendations and we always aim to stock traceable organic coffee beans. 

All our web orders are dispatched next working day via DPD. You can manage the delivery of your coffee via the DPD link which will be sent to you via text or email on the day of delivery. 

For more information please visit our Delivery and Returns page. 

Our speciality coffee beans are roasted to their own carefully predetermined profile to emphasise the best possible flavours when assessed on the cupping table. You can read a bit more about coffee cupping on the SCAA website. We roast our coffee using omni roast profiles meaning the coffees are suitable for both espresso and filter. In order to do this we test our coffee using a variety of brew methods including immersion, V60 filter, Kalita Wave, Wilfa Classic batch brew and espresso.