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Coffee Beans - Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans Online - Freshly roasted speciality coffee beans

We offer a great range of freshly roasted coffee beans online from around the world (and we also offer ground coffee). Our coffee from Brazil, Costa Rica, Rwanda and Kenya is traded directly making sure that growers receive a fair price for the hard work. You can learn more about this in our Transparency Report. 

Looking for espresso coffee? Our Nova and Workhorse coffee blends are great for espresso but if you enjoy a light roast espresso then all coffees are suitable. 

Looking for filter coffee? We'd suggest one of our great single origin coffees however the Workhorse blend is great as a filter and the Nova will suit those who enjoy a cafetiere or filter coffee with milk

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Single Origin Coffee Selection
£33.65 GBP £37.40 GBP
Costa Rica - Aguilera brothers SL28 Honey
from £12.25 GBP
Costa Rica - Aguilera brothers Natural
from £10.75 GBP
Peru - Gregorio Esquen Lot 1
from £9.50 GBP
Rwanda - Bwishaza Lot 1 Washed
from £7.50 GBP
Brazil - Fazenda Inhame
from £7.50 GBP
Workhorse Coffee Beans
from £6.50 GBP
Nova Espresso Blend
from £6.50 GBP
Organic blend
from £7.75 GBP
Organic Decaf Coffee
from £7.80 GBP
Coffee Selection Box
£18.50 GBP
Rwanda Coffee Capsules
from £5.50 GBP
Costa Rica Coffee Capsules
from £5.50 GBP
Coffee of the Month Subscription
from £9.21 GBP
Organic Coffee Subscription
from £8.16 GBP