Honduras has transformed its coffee industry. Historically known for lower-quality coffee blends, recent advancements in processing and cooperative organisation have elevated its specialty coffee status. Learn more about Honduran coffee.


Honduras's journey in coffee production, from a significant global producer to a specialty coffee leader, reflects its adaptive and innovative spirit. The nation's focus on improving quality through diverse processing methods and cooperative efforts has positioned it as an exciting prospect in the coffee world.

Processing Methods

Honduran coffee processing is characterised by its diversity, ranging from traditional washed to experimental natural and honey methods. This variety, often within the same producer's offerings, illustrates the nation's willingness to innovate and explore different coffee profiles.

Flavour Profiles

The best coffees from Honduras showcase a range of flavours, from its classic low acidity and subtle caramel nut notes to more complex profiles developed through speciality processing. This evolution reflects the country's unique terroir and commitment to quality improvement.

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