Environment Policy

Horsham Coffee Roaster Environment Policy

Reducing the environmental impact of coffee

Since we started Horsham Coffee Roaster in 2012, we have been committed to responsible environmental practices. We comply with all environmental legislation and welcome new legislation that genuinely reduces our impact.

We are committed to becoming more sustainable as we grow. We regularly evaluate the environmental impact of our products and services to improve our environmental performance continually. Our policy is based on the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Loring Roaster

Our new Loring roaster was chosen because of its fantastic eco-credentials. Created in San Francisco to meet strict environmental requirements. The Loring uses less than half the propane to run and is a smart air recirculation design. Far less heat is wasted out of the chimney. The roaster is also smokeless to ensure no harmful chemicals or particulate matter is released during the roasting process. Please see this link to our blog post on the Loring 

Tree planting, plastic recovery and Co2 offsetting

You can see our current impact via our Greenspark Impact page.

Delivery emissions are also offset via the Shopify Planet app.

Electricity supply

We use an eco electricity supply from Octopus energy called the Brighton business power tariff. The power supplied from this tariff comes from the Natewood solar farm in East Sussex and is 100% renewable. 

Work vehicles

We currently have two electric business vehicles. We charge the cars here at the roastery, at home (using solar power and Octopus energy solar and wind power) and using the network of chargers around the country. 

Paper and Cardboard

The roastery is committed to being paperless as far as possible. All invoicing and correspondence is completed via email. We avoid printed paper where possible and only include a small thermal printed packing slip with each order. We reuse cardboard boxes where possible. Our coffee from Rwanda is vacuum packed inside strong cardboard boxes. Rather than placing these directly into recycling, we reuse these boxes to send out coffee and equipment.

Packaging and Recycling

We take recycling seriously, and there are several recycling bins located in the roastery, including a Terracycle box for recycling customers used coffee packaging. We encourage all our customers to spend their used bags back to us for recycling if they are unable to have these recycled locally. 

Coffee arrives in a hessian sack with a grainpro liner, or in cardboard boxes with a vac pac bag. Grainpro bags are reused as they are made from tough, strong plastic. The hessian sacks are always reused in some capacity. We've created a specific page about coffee bag recycling.

Coffee Chaff

Chaff separates from the green coffee as it is roasted and is collected in the chaff collector. This lightweight waste product makes an excellent component of compost and is currently taken by local people who are able to use it on their allotments. 


We use four delivery options; Hived, DHL, DPD and Royal Mail. Our delivery CO2 emissions are offset via an app called 'Offset'. This was created by our web platform, Shopify and tracks all delivery mileage which is then billed to us in order to offset the emission. The money is currently used to finance projects via Pachama.

Our preferred delivery method is via Hived, a zero emissions delivery company that collects from us using an electric van and delivers inside the M25 area using electric vehicles and bikes. If Hived delivery to your postcode you will see this option available to you at checkout. 

Local customers are able to select collection from our roastery and you are welcome to bring your own container.