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Single Origin Coffee Selection

Single Origin Coffee Selection

4 x 250g bags

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Whole Bean Only

Are you looking for a great selection of single-origin coffees? Our coffee selection box contains 4 of our favourite coffee origins selected from a range of seasonal coffees. The selection currently contains (we may substitute a similarly priced product when we run out)

Brazil - Natural

El Salvador - Washed

Rwanda  - Washed

Costa Rica - Carbonic Maceration natural

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If you love speciality coffee and would like to try out our range then this bundle is perfect for you. As part of this collection, we always aim to showcase a range of different taste profiles and origins. Rwanda, as an example, produces incredible coffees and we work directly with Liza and Bwishaza washing stations. We always aim to include several of our relationship coffee beans as part of this selection. 

Are these beans best for Espresso or Filter?

This is a question we are often asked. Our approach to single origin coffee roasting is to focus on what is often known as the 'Omni' roast. This means we don't roast specifically for filter or espresso but rather to showcase great flavours through a variety of brew methods. You should find these coffees all work really well for filter, cafetiere, Aeropress. For espresso coffee brewing some coffees might require a bit of extra work including carefully dialling in, using scales and tamping and extracting with care and attention. 

If you are specifically looking for espresso coffees then we'd recommend one of our coffee blends. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Simon Williams
Great service

Excellent service.

Jonathan Q
Excellent selection

Particularly loved the Tanzania and Kenya because of the fruitiness and acidity. But there’s a good selection of coffees here at a reasonable price.

Phil Arnold
Awesome coffee

Great selection of different coffees that are always excellent from Horsham Coffee Roasters. Especially enjoyed the Ethiopian Gora Kone Washed beans and was very excited to see another bag on this in my next order

Ben White
Single Origin selection is fabulous

The single origin selection is an outstanding collection of 4 coffees, all different and super-tasty! Pleasingly, they also seem to be roasted to be ground at the same setting which is making it easy to have different coffees for different times of day without having to re-configure the grind each time.

Packaging is good and delivery was fast.

Will be buying again!

Simon Hillier
The best coffee

I always get the four bag bundle … all different coffee flavours in their own right but all fantastic tasting. Now I have found Horsham Coffee Roasters and been getting orders monthly for seven months I doubt that I will go anywhere else. Reasonably priced, exceptional quality. 👍