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Coffee Equipment

At Horsham Coffee Roaster, we ensure you are only able to create the very best coffee with our high quality equipment. Whether you are a newbie coffee drinker or a coffee connoisseur, with our wide range of coffee equipment and coffee brewing accessories you can make beautifully brewed coffee from our beans.

Brew the perfect coffee with our easy to use coffee equipment products, which includes coffee grinders, coffee scales, filter papers and many other products, to be used to create your own freshly brewed coffee. 

Our various coffee equipment products are within different budgets for varying customers, and with different options for each type of product available. 

Buy Coffee Equipment Online 

Our coffee brewing products have varying features and uses. Our products vary from the Comandante C40 hand coffee grinder, an excellent product for grinding the coffee beans yourself and creating a great tasting coffee; to our top of the range, fantastic quality, La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machine.

Learn the art of brewing coffee properly and use the coffee brewing accessories, such as an electric coffee brewing machine and hand grinders. Discover different ways to brew coffee with our different coffee equipment. 

Horsham Coffee Roaster Coffee Equipment

Our range of coffee equipment products are also great as a gift for someone special who loves coffee or for someone who is newly getting into coffee brewing. Coffee brewing can become more of a hobby than just a caffeine boost with our coffee brewing products.

Shop our wide range of speciality organic coffee beans to brew with your new coffee equipment, or check out our fantastic subscription service, so you never run out of our great coffee!