Our relationship coffees come from producers that we have personally visited. We've made a commitment to work with these producers on a long term basis. It all started in Rwanda four years and ago and in 2018 we added Costa Rica to the list. Our range of relationship coffees is fairly limited but our goal is to always offer at least one and the range will grow over time. 

When you see 'Relationship coffee' on our labels the following criteria will have been met:

1) The producer is paid at least 25% more than the Fairtrade based price. 

2) We have visited the producer (either farm or co-operative washing station).

3) We will have a means of direct and open communication (either farmer or co-operative)

In most cases the price we pay for our relationship coffee will be well in excess of the Fairtrade minimum price. The co-operative level payment for our Rwanda coffees ranged from 60%-120% above the Fairtrade based price at the last harvest.