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if you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake you no longer need to drink poor quality, mediocre coffee! We always aim to offer traceable, single origin, chemical free, decaf coffee beans.  We also like to feature interesting and unusual high cup score decaf when available. Free UK tracked delivery when you spend £20 or more.

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Decaf Coffee Bean FAQ's

How are decaf coffee beans produced?

Decaf coffee has come a long way, and today - more natural methods are used to preserve the flavour of the coffee beans and bring the end product to you. We only sell coffee that has been processed using one of the natural methods and when available we also offer an Organic certified decaf coffee. We tend to favour methods like Swiss Water Decaffeination, CO2 and the E.A Sugarcane method. 

Do decaf coffee beans taste as good as regular coffee?

Typically the decaffeination process will cause some changes in the flavours found within the coffee. We select decaf coffee beans that beans that have been produced from good quality, speciality coffee. This means that there are still great flavours and tasting notes to be found in the coffee even after the decaf process.

How much caffeine is found in decaf coffee?

The decaffeination process is very effective and will typically remove over 99% of the caffeine. The Swiss Water Process promises removal of 99.9% percent resulting in almost completely caffeine free decaf coffee beans.

Do high cup score decaf coffee beans exist!?

Yes they do! Although our standard decaf coffee beans do taste fantastic they are more similar to a traditional lower acidity coffee from origins like Brazil.

Sometimes we are able to find higher cup score decaf coffees that have been produced from more interesting vibrant, higher cup score coffees. After decaffeination many of these flavours remain resulting in a higher cup score.