La Karola

The Mora family has owned the farm since 1960 and covers an area of 4 hectares in total split into different farm sections. We've been buying coffee from them since 2019 and love their dedication to producing fantastic natural processed coffees.



San Pedro, Tarrazu


1500-1900 masl


Red and Yellow Catuai, Geisha

Meet The Producers

The 4-hectare farm is planted mainly with the Catuai varietal, although they are experimenting with some other varietals, including Geisha, in small amounts. Although they are not organic certified, no chemicals or pesticides are used on the farm. During our visits to the farm we've always been so impressed by the amount of wildlife in and around their farm and spotted many bird nests in the coffee trees which is always a great sign!

Harvesting & Processing

We've selected several small microlots harvested from the Catuai and Geisha trees. They produce all their micro lots on site. Previously they would deliver their cherry for processing at a local mill but the family decided that they would like to keep their coffees separate for full traceability. The coffee was harvested by hand and floated using a water-based system that removes defects.

Cherry was then laid out to dry on raised beds under a solar dryer, a type of open-sided greenhouse. This protects the coffee from harsh direct sunlight and keeps it dry just in case of rain. The drying process takes about 25 days and during daytime hours the coffee is turned every 45 minutes and any noticeable defects are removed by hand. Once dried the coffee is packed into large plastic bags and stored for 1 month before the outer fruit is removed.