Collection: Coffee Blends

Our coffee blends bring together some of our favourite coffees from direct trade relationships in Rwanda and Brazil and other coffees from around the world. 

Our coffee blends are roasted slower than our single-origin coffees, which helps to tame some acidity making these more suitable for use with milk. The slower roast also makes our blends more suited to espresso brewing, especially for anyone new to brewing espresso. These coffees will be easier to extract correctly without the need for very accurate dosing, distribution and tamping. (of course, accuracy will still bring out the best in these coffees!) 

Our coffee blends

We offer three coffee blends. The Workhorse is a light-medium roast perfect for both espresso and filter. The Nova blend is roasted a touch darker, making it the perfect coffee to serve with milk either as an espresso or if you prefer a rich, darker roast coffee brewed in a cafetiere. Our Organic Blend contains organic certified coffees and is great as an espresso or filter, with or without milk.