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Kalita Wave Coffee brew guides


Brewing great coffee at home is more challenging than many people think but don't worry, we've got the guides to help! We've put together a list of 5 useful tips to help you brew great coffee at how or in the workplace followed by our list of brew guides.

Buy great quality coffee:

Firstly make sure you only ever buy coffee from us. Ok, that's a bit extreme but we would suggest that you make sure that you buy good quality speciality coffee that has been freshly roasted. Not only do we focus on ethical and transparent trade but we also work very hard to make sure that we are roasting really great coffees that have been carefully selected by us for their quality. Supermarket and mass produced coffee is usually fairly low grade and this is a bad starting point.

Buy freshly roasted coffee:

Coffee should always be freshly roasted with a roasted on date on the bag. Generally we'd suggest using coffee within 4 weeks of roasting. It will still taste absolutely fine for quite a long time after this but the flavours do decline. Don't use coffee that is very fresh if you can help it. Coffee needs to de-gas after roasting so we'd suggest waiting 7 days before brewing.

Grind coffee fresh:

Always make sure you grind your coffee just before brewing. Freshly ground coffee always tastes much better than pre-ground but make sure you buy the right type of grinder. Burr (conical or flat) and the best type of use and we have a range of great grinders available on our grinders page.

Use fresh filtered water:

Water quality makes a big difference. Tap water is usually not great for brewing coffee but this does depend where you live. Water that is too hard or too soft can have a very negative affect on flavour so we recommend using filtered water. Bottled water is another option but we prefer filtering to reduced on plastic waste.

Learn, brew, taste, repeat:

Making great coffee can take some practice and experimentation. Use our guides to learn how to brew great coffee and then adjust to taste. Practice and regular coffee drinking will help to improve your brewing skills.

Here are our brew guide pages:



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