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Compak Coffee Grinders

Compak Coffee Grinders

Compak Coffee grinder logo

Compak espresso coffee grinders are well built, robust and offer excellent value for money. They offer a wide range of espresso grinders with models suitable for home use all the way up to busy commercial coffee shop use. 

We have tested all entire E range of Compak coffee grinders and all perform very well. The main difference between the grinders in the range is the grind speed and burr size. The small E5 on demand is capable of excellent results but will take longer to grind than the larger E8.

Compak E8:

Suitable for high volume locations. Features 83mm steel burrs

Compak E6:

Suitable for medium volume locations. Features 64mm steel burrs

Compak E5:

Suitable for low volume locations or home espresso brewing. Features 58mm steel burrs.

Compak E5 on demand coffee grinder
£975.00 GBP
Compak E6 on demand coffee grinder
from £1,250.00 GBP
Compak E8 DBW on demand coffee grinder
from £1,475.00 GBP