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Mahlkonig Coffee Grinders

Mahlkonig produce some of the best coffee grinders in the world. Mahlkonig make a range of dedicated espresso grinders designed for high end coffee shops that require consistency and a product that can cope with high volumes of coffee.

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Mahlkonig precision grinders

Mahlkonig FAQ

Which Mahlkonig grinder is best for home use?

If you are a home barista or making coffee in an office space the Mahlkonig X54 is an affordable, precision grinder designed for small volume use.

Which Mahlkonig grinder is best for commercial use?

This very much depends on the volume of coffee being served on a daily basis. The Mahlkonig E65s is perfect for up to 200 coffees per day. If you are serving more than this we'd recommend the E80 Supreme. Both of these grinders are also available with Dose by Weight scales built in.

Why should you buy a Mahlkonig grinder?

Mahlkonig make precision grinders that look fantastic and are built to last. They feature modern, advance technology helping baristas to make the best possible coffee.