Coffee roasting

 Roasting speciality coffee on a Loring S35

Our approach to roasting coffee

We roast all our coffee on a Loring S35 eco roaster. These state of the art machines all consistent, repeatable batches and emit no smoke during the roasting process. They use up to 80% less gas and emit up to 80% less Co2 compared to other roasting methods.

Our roasting style is light yet well developed. Under-roasted or underdeveloped coffee is not an enjoyable experience. It lacks sweetnes and complexity is challenging to brew correctly. Dark roast coffee, on the other hand, tastes bitter and lacks the nuanced flavours found in good quality speciality coffee.

We use both the roast profile software built into the Loring system and Cropster to help us to log, analyse and roast our coffee to the same high standard time and time again. 

Quality control

We cup and evaluate all our roasted coffees on a regular basis always ensuring we work hard to get the best flavours out of the coffee. Our evaluation methods include filter brewing (V60), immersion brewing (Aeropress) and espresso brewing using Compak grinders and a La Marzocco Linea PB ABR. 

We also use additional tools including a VST refractometer to measure extractions and solubility and a Lighttells CM-100 colour meter to asses roast colour

Roasting style

We don't roast specifically for filter and for espresso. Rather we test roast new coffees and cup them to select the profile that we believe works best for that particular coffee. At times this can be challenging but we work very hard to find the ideal roast development that will allow our coffees to shine through a variety of brew methods. Many of our single origin coffees are fantastic brewed using all methods including espresso and we provide brewing guidance for all of our coffees with some suggested recipes.

Our blends

Our Workhorse and Nova blends have been roasted for easy espresso extraction and to tame some acidity making these ideal coffees to serve with milk or for customers who prefer coffee without milk but enjoy rich body, sweetness and lower acidity. These coffees are a fantastic start point for anyone new to speciality coffee or home espresso brewing.

We are always happy to provide advice and recommendations. Please feel free to reach out to us at