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Single Origin Coffee Beans

Our single origin coffee beans are always traceable to farm or co-operative in a specific town or area of the origin country. We offer a wide range of single origin coffee processed using different post harvest methods including washed, honey, natural and often other experimental methods. We don't just offer beans though, most coffees can be selected as ground coffee.

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Single Origin Coffee Selection
$46.00 USD $48.00 USD
Rwanda - Liza thin natural
from $14.00 USD
Colombia - El Paraiso Washed
$21.00 USD
Costa Rica - San Juanillo Red Honey
from $16.00 USD
Ethiopia - Duwancho Natural
from $18.00 USD
Colombia - Buena Vista Washed
from $14.00 USD
Colombia - La Gabriela Geisha natural
from $21.00 USD
Ethiopia - Gora Kone Washed
from $16.00 USD
Kenya - Kianderi AA Washed
from $16.00 USD
Rwanda Coffee Beans - Liza Washed
from $10.00 USD
Brazil - Inhame Farm Natural
from $11.00 USD
Organic Decaf Coffee
from $11.00 USD