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Single Origin Coffee Beans

Our single-origin coffee beans are always traceable to farms or co-operatives in a specific town or area of the origin country. We offer a wide range of single-origin coffee processed using different post-harvest methods including washed, honey, natural and often other experimental techniques. We don't just offer beans though, most coffees can be selected as ground coffee.

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Single origin coffee bean FAQ's

What is a single origin coffee?

Single origin coffees come from a single processing source that could be a single farm or a co-operative or coffee producers.

We avoid referring to a single origin coffee as coming from a specific country or large region. We believe a true single origin coffee should come from a single producer or a group of producers attached to a co-operative operation centered around a town or village.

Where do you source your single origin coffee?

Our single origin coffees come from producers in many different countries. We like to focus on our direct trade links in Costa Rica, Rwanda, Kenya and Brazil.

Coffees from other areas of the world will come from select ethical importers.

What is the difference between a single origin coffee and a blend?

Our blends typically contain two or more coffees from different countries. We do this to help with year round consitency and to combine taste profiles that work well together.

A single origin coffee will come from a specific farm or co-operative or farmers.

Why should you buy single origin coffee?

Single origin coffees typically showcase distincive tasting notes that are unique to the varietal and processing method chosen by the producer. For example, natural processed single origin coffees will usually showcase juicy, fruity, full bodied flavours. A washed coffee might highlight acidity and gentle, balanced fruit notes.