Single origin coffee beans traceable to farmer or co-operative. We source and roast a wide range of outstanding single origin coffee beans from around the world. These range in flavour profile from traditional nutty, chocolatey coffees from central and South America to the bright, juicy and fruity coffees of Africa.  


What does Single Origin Mean?

Single Origin means that the coffee beans are purchased from one single producer or co-operative of producers. This means there is no regional blending of coffee beans. What is good about this? This means that they can be traceable ensuring that we can be accountable for where our coffee beans come from, providing only the highest quality single origin coffee beans for our customers.

Increased Quality with Single Origin Coffee Beans

With our range of Single Origin Coffee Beans we know the geographic location where the coffee beans have come from. With no mix or blend, the coffee is rich in a depth of a specific flavour, farmed by the same methods. Due to this, we can ensure a quality and consistent taste. We have an excellent relationship with the coffee farmers that we buy from and take the time to learn about the stories of their families and the ways in which they farm the coffee beans. This additional information helps us to choose coffee for you that is farmed with love and care.

Single Origin Coffee Beans at Horsham Coffee Roaster

At Horsham Coffee Roasters, we stock a range of Single Origin Coffee Beans from around the world. From Rwanda to Costa Rica to Brazil and more - we are sure that we have a coffee bean with a tasting note that suits your palate and mood.