Environmental projects

United Nations Sustainable Development

Making a positive impact on the planet is something we are very passionate about at Horsham Coffee Roaster. We are proud supporters of the United Nations Gobal Goals. These are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

They address the global challenges faced by so many people, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

Many coffee producers are directly affected by these areas and we hope to be able to make a positive contribution in as many areas as possible.

The below environmental projects help to address many of these goals including climate action, clean energy, poverty, life on land and life below water.

Sustainable development goals

Greenspark environmental projects

Making a positive impact on the planet is something we are very passionate about at Horsham Coffee Roaster. We started working with Greenspark in January 2022. Greenspark is an innovative platform designed to connect businesses with environmental projects around the world.

Their platform allows us to make donations to selected projects and acurately track our impact in those areas.

We've chosen to support the following three projects:

  • Plastic bottle recovery: Every order funds the recovery of a plastic bottle from the ocean. You can read more about the project in this article about transforming plastic waste into useful income. 
  • Co2 offsetting: Every order funds the offset of 1kg of Co2 via one of the Greenspark supported projects. These include cooking stoves in Malawi, wind power and hydroelectric projects. 
  • Tree planting: Every order of £25 or more in value funds the planting of a tree via the Greenspark Eden projects. These are located around the world and the projects provide employment to small communities and reforestation in areas that need it most.

Every purchase contributes to the above projects. We also plant a tree for every email signup to our newsletter and offset an additional 5kg of Co2 for every product or company review via Judge.me.

View our live impact data

Delivery offset via Planet

We've been offsetting all delivery emissions via the Shopify Planet app since July 2022. All contributions are invested in carbon removal technologies.

As one of the initial supporters of their automated offsetting app we were chosen as a featured case study for the Shopify 2023 climate impact report.

On average per year we offset the Co2 emissions generated from 228,000 miles of delivery driving. This is in addition to the Co2 reduced by working with Hived to provide emissions free delivery to London and the surrounding area.

These Co2 emissions are automatically offset and our customers are invited to join us by make their own additional positive contribution by donating £0.20 during the checkout process.

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