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Coffee Brewing

We offer a great range of coffee brewing equipment to suit all budgets. Our personal favourite brewing methods are the Hario V60 and Aeropress. These also happen to be the most affordable options too! If you like making coffee in larger batches then the Wilfa brewers are perfect for you.

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Peak water filter
£49.00 GBP
Hario V60 Drip Kettle AIR
£9.25 GBP £14.75 GBP
Hario V60 02 Dripper Set
£11.00 GBP
Aeropress Coffee Maker
from £28.50 GBP
Aeropress Go Coffee Maker
£30.00 GBP
Delter Coffee Press
£34.50 GBP
Wilfa Precision automatic coffee brewer
£348.00 GBP £365.00 GBP
Fellow Electric Kettle
£145.00 GBP
Clever Dripper - Free UK delivery
£21.50 GBP
Hario V60 02 Ceramic
£20.00 GBP
Hario V60 02 Filter Papers
from £2.90 GBP
Hario V60 02 Plastic
£6.00 GBP
Hario Pouring Kettle - 600ml
£39.00 GBP £42.00 GBP
Aeropress filters
£4.75 GBP
Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle
from £69.50 GBP £79.00 GBP
Filtropa Filter Papers
£4.80 GBP
Hario V60 01 Plastic
£4.90 GBP
Hario V60 01 Filter Papers
from £2.90 GBP
Peak Water replacement filter
£25.00 GBP
Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve
£49.95 GBP