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Home espresso coffee

Making great espresso coffee at home requires the right equipment and some practice but once mastered you will be making much better coffee that you will find in most coffee shops!

At Horsham Coffee Roaster we offer a limited but carefully selected range of espresso coffee brewing equipment perfect for home use. 

What do I need to make great espresso coffee:

There are three key elements to brewing amazing espresso at home:

  • Espresso machine
  • Espresso grinder
  • Scales

An espresso machine is obvious but the grinder and scales less so. Many people make the mistake of buying a grinder that isn't suitable for espresso brewing. The grinder needs to be able to grind fine enough and allow enough control over the grind setting to be able to correctly 'dial in' the coffee. A set of scales is often overlooked, you will need these to weigh the coffee dose and to weight the extraction. You can learn more about espresso brewing by taking a look at our guide.