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Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset

How we roast coffee

All of our coffees are roasted on a Loring S35 low emissions roaster. Our approach balances science with care for the environment. Click on the link to learn more about our approach to roasting great coffee.

How we source coffee

We source coffee directly from producers in Rwanda, Costa Rica, Brazil and Kenya with long term commitments to the same farmers and co-operatives. This means we pay prices that are well above the Fair Trade minimum price.

Our coffees from other origins are sourced by specialist importers who focus on direct trade with coffee producers around the world.

Nespresso compatible capsules

Ethically sourced coffee capsules from around the world. Our coffee capsules are fully recyclable and contain some of our favourite directly sourced relationship coffees.

Our capsules are roasted to highlight flavours created by origin and processing method and are suitable for use in all original Nespresso compatible home machines.