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Speciality coffee roaster dedicated to ethical sourcing, direct trade and freshly roasted coffee beans.

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Horsham Coffee Roaster is dedicated to supplying premium, ethically traded, freshly roasted coffee. We source a significant amount of coffee through direct trade relationships in Rwanda and Nicaragua. The rest we source through close links with speciality coffee importers who share the same values and ethics that we strive to uphold. We believe a direct, quality based link ensures the growers receive a premium price for their hard work and dedication to speciality coffee. 

All our coffee is roasted to order in small batches using one of our two roasters. Both are equipped with roast profiling systems allowing us to develop profiles that emphasise the best qualities in each individual coffee. We take a scientific approach to roasting and quality control utilising a moisture meter, refractometer and colour meter to help us to maintain strict standards. We also cup ever batch before it leaves the roastery. We sell only whole bean coffee online and encourage our customers to invest in a good quality grinder to enable them to get the best from the coffee. To find out more about why you should invest in a good burr grinder please click on the link.

Our Story

Bradley and Amelia started Horsham Coffee Roaster back in 2012 roasting on a 1kg machine at home in their garage. At the time there were very few speciality focused coffee roasters located in Sussex. Very quickly they found local shops keen to use their coffee and in 2013 they started selling at the market in Horsham. Over the last 3 years the business has moved twice and now roasts on a much larger 25kg Joper machine from Portugal. We no longer sell our coffee at the market in Horsham but you can find our coffee served in numerous coffee shops, cafes and restaurants around the country. We are still very much a small family business with a team of just 6 people.