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Workhorse Blend

Workhorse Blend

Origin: Rwanda & Brazil

Tasting Notes: Nuts | Chocolate | Sweet Caramel

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Roasted In Sussex

Our roastery is in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and all our coffee is roasted on our Loring Roaster.

Next Day Dispatch

Place your order by midnight for next working day dispatch. All orders sent via a tracked service.

Brew recipe

This coffee works well for all brew methods. 

Filter: Dose 15g-17g, water 250g. 
Espresso: Dose 18 gram to 38 gram yield over about 30 seconds. 

Visit our brew guides for more tips and suggestions.

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  • About Workhorse Blend | Rwanda / Brazil

    Our Workhorse blend is built around the concept of consistency and reliability and combines our directly traded coffees from Rwanda and Brazil.

    The blend contains:

    Rwanda Bwishaza washed 50%
    Brazil Mantiqueira pulped natural 50%

    Workhorse is a light roast espresso and perfect if you like a bright, juicy, but well-balanced espresso. If you are looking for a traditional Italian style espresso take a look at our Nova Blend.

  • Coffee Info

    Tasting Notes: Nuts | Chocolate | Sweet Caramel
    Processing Method: Washed & Pulped Natural
    Varietal: Various

    Blend: 50% Rwanda Bwishaza | 50% Brazil Inhame

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Coffee Origin

Rwanda 🇷🇼

The majority of the coffee grown in Rwanda is Arabica - usually Red Bourbon. It has a fairly typical flavour profile and often showcases notes of orange, brown sugar, caramel and chocolate. Discover more about Rwanda's history, processing methods and flavours on our Rwandan coffee guide.

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The Producer


Bwishaza washing station is co-operative owned and works with around 500 small-hold farmers. The co-operative produces a wide range of coffees with their main focus on clean, juicy, bright washed coffees. They also produce a range of natural processed coffees specifically for us.

Learn more about Bwishaza

Coffee Origin

Brazil 🇧🇷

Brazilian coffee is known for its distinctive flavour profile, often featuring notes of nuts and chocolate. Discover its history, processing methods and flavours.

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The Producer


The Serra de Mantiqueira is a mountain range that stretches across São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro states. The coffee comes from two farms in the hills surrounding Carmo de Minas, where it is picked, processed and hulled before being brought to the Cocarive warehouse just outside São Lourenço.

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Customer Reviews

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Workhorse Blend


A great reliable tasting coffee for every day

Excellent coffee, excellent service

I ordered 3 different coffee's as a birthday present. These came quickly, well packaged and well presented. As for the coffee itself I am told they are great and very enjoyable.

Will for sure be ordering from here again.

Smooth taste

First purchase. Really good flavour. Smooth and mellow. Would buy again.

Great coffee

Love it!