About Us

Horsham Coffee Roaster is dedicated to sourcing the world's best coffees through ethical trade links. We then combine traditional artisan roasting techniques with modern data logging and a methodical approach to cupping and quality control. As a result, you will always receive an outstanding lightly roasted coffee.

We started in 2013 with two primary goals: to source incredible, ethically traded coffee and to develop a methodical and repeatable approach to roasting speciality coffee. We started selling our coffee at the market in Horsham and you can read more about how we started on our Blog. 

We are fanatically obsessed with the quality of the coffee we purchase as green beans and this obsession continues all the way to the final cup. Most of our coffees are roasted in the light to medium range, allowing for the characteristics of each coffee to dominate, leaving behind the roasted flavours that can sometimes be associated with coffee.

For more information on our blends and single origins please have a look at our online shop.

We source all of our coffee using carefully selected import partners or via direct trade.

Well chosen importing partners are essential to match us up with farmers and co-operatives that are dedicated to producing outstanding coffee. All the coffee we purchase is ethically traded and fully traceable to its origin. In most cases, we even have full transparency of our coffee's financial trail, giving us the peace of mind that each farmer has been well paid for the outstanding coffee they produce.  We typically stock exclusive, speciality lots that have been carefully selected by our own cupping experiences.

In 2015 we visited Rwanda for the first time to setup our direct trade program. We visited for the second time in May 2016. In February 2016 we visited Nicaragua and are trading directly with Gold Mountain coffee growers, a social enterprise dedicated to producing outstanding coffees. In December 2016 we will be visiting Kenya to setup with the view to developing direct trade relationships.