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One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted - Dedicated to Reforestation

Rwanda Tree Planting

We are very pleased to be working with OneTreePlanted, a charity dedicated to reforestation around the world. 

We've worked very hard over the last few years to reduce our CO2 impact. Some of our recent efforts including the purchase of a Loring S35 low emissions roaster, LED lighting in our roastery, an electric Nissan Leaf zero emissions business car, reusing packaging when we can and several other efforts to reduce negative impact on the planet. 

For us this approach to reduction wasn't enough and we wanted to find a way to offset our CO2 emissions and to make a positive contribution to the planet. While trying to find the best way to do this we came across OneTreePlanted. The concept is simple, $1 plants 1 tree in a country of your choice. We noticed that they work with a womens co-operative in Rwanda located about 1 hours drive north of Bwishaza co-operative. The logical step for us was to come up with a way that we could contribute via the sale of our Rwandan relationship coffee. 

After a bit of thought we decided that the best way to approach this was to keep it simple: For every 1kg of Rwandan coffee roasted and sold by Horsham Coffee Roaster we will donate $1 directly to the Gishwati-Mukura forest replanting project. 

Tree planting numbers Rwanda:
May 2019: 363
June 2019: 287
July 2019: 304
August 2019: 370
September 2019: 230
October 2019: 242
November 2019: 235
December 2019: 240
January 2020: 238
February 2020: 144
March 2020: 276
April - June 2020: 1114
July - Sept: 765
Oct - Dec: 843
Total: 5651

One Tree Planted Kenya

We've also added Kenya to our tree planting commitment and for every 1kg of Kenyan coffee sold we are commited to donating $1 directly to the Kijabe Forest project via our partners at OneTreePlanted. 

Tree planting numbers Kenya:
Oct 2019: 57
November 2019: 55
December 2019: 70
January 2020: 68
February 2020: 70
March 2020:  73
April - June 2020: 274
Total: 667
One Tree Planted Horsham Coffee Roaster
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Taste unbelievable

Will definitely by this coffee again
Love the after taste of this coffee

Now getting the best out of this fine blend

Having had this coffee a few times before and really liked it using a modded cheap burr grinder, it really comes into its own now that a more professional grinder as more flovours have been unmasked, great work by Horsham coffee roasters

Beautiful Coffee

The coffee is delicious and there’s great variety. Since finding Horsham Roasters I haven’t used anywhere else.

One of the best yet

A brilliant filter coffee, juicy and packed full of flavour.

At last, I’ve found the best!

Having recently moved to the UK, I was struggling to find a decent bean for my Rocket Espresso at home. I find most beans are roasted too dark for my liking.

I was so excited though when I tasted the Workhorse bean at a local coffee shop, that I immediately ordered for my home use. At last, a quality espresso at home.

Thank you Horsham!