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Coffee gifts online? We've got some great options!

Coffee Gifts Online

The ability to make great coffee at home could possibly be one of the best gifts for any coffee lover! Over the last ten years, an interest in coffee has grown significantly in the UK. However, so many people still rely on their local coffee shop to provide them with their daily caffeine fix without every learning to make fantastic coffee at home.

At Horsham Coffee Roaster, we aim to change all of that and have put together a list of great coffee gifts available for purchase online. These range from entry-level options for novice coffee drinkers right the way up to some costly pieces of equipment that will take home coffee making to the next level!

Aeropress Gift Bundle

The Aeropress is one of the easiest ways to make great coffee at home and should be the first option to consider if you'd like to give someone a home coffee gift. Assuming your friend/family member doesn't already brew coffee at home, the Aeropress will get them started with minimum investment. This quick and easy to use brew method has become very popular around the world. Our Aeropress Gift bundle includes a free bag of coffee.

We also have this gift bundle available with a hand grinder. This is an even better option to go for as it will mean the user can start grinding coffee fresh at home, meaning an even better homebrew experience!

To make it easier, we've put together a handy Aeropress brew guide and useful infographic.  

coffee gifts online aeropress

Electronic Coffee Grinder

If you are buying coffee gifts online for people who already brew coffee at home but might appreciate a better/new coffee grinder then our range of electronic grinders are a great option. Choosing the right electronic grinder can be a challenge. There are many options available that simply aren't very good, like cheap blade coffee grinders. The grinders we sell have all been tested by us and produce great quality, consistent ground coffee that will help the user to brew great coffee at home. 

A really good starting point is the Wilfa Silver grinder. If your budget stretches a little higher then the Wilfa Uniform + with built in scale is a great buy. 

The best hand grinder money can buy

If you are buying a coffee gift for someone obsessed with brewing amazing filter coffee, usually by hand using a Hario V60, Aeropress or another similar method then the Comandante C40 might be the best coffee gift they will ever receive! This hand grinder is stunning precision work of art hand made in Germany. The grind quality produced by these grinders is exceptional. You'd need to spend over £1000 to get this kind of grind consistency from an electronic grinder, and there is no way it would look as good as one of the fantastic Comandante C40 options. The bad news is that these can be tricky for us to keep in stock as they are so popular, but we work very hard to make sure we get as many of these in as we possibly can! 

Comandante C40 hand grinder

Coffee subscription

A consistent supply of great coffee has to be one of the best gifts for any coffee lover! We offer a range of different prepaid gift subscriptions. The best option for an adventurous coffee drinker has to be the coffee of the month gift. Signing up to this means they will receive a different coffee every month, which keeps things very exciting. If you know they'd rather brew espresso at home or prefer a consistent option, then we'd recommend the Nova or Workhorse blend. Finally, for organic coffee lovers, we've got our Organic subscription option. Check out all the options on the gift subscriptions page. You can choose from 3, 6 and 12-month prepaid options. 

Online Gift Card

Not sure which coffee gift to purchase online? If so, we'd recommend our online gift card option. Available as inflexible value options and the code can be purchased online and included in a card or emailed directly to the person who will be receiving the gift. The great thing is that gift cards can be used on equipment and or coffee, and anything not used will be saved for future purchases!

We hope this summary of the coffee gifts online has been useful, and you can find the perfect gift on our website for the coffee lover in your life!

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