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Wilfa Uniform + Coffee Grinder

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Wilfa Uniform + Coffee Grinder

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The Wilfa Uniform + is a 58mm flat burr grinder designed for home use. Most coffee grinders at this price point use conical burrs. While these are great and more affordable to produce they tend to produce a less even particle distribution.

In addition to outstanding grind quality the Wilfa Uniform + grinder features integrated, very accurate scales and is made of stainless steel and the build quality is a big step up from the more affordable Wilfa Svart grinder.

Although this grinder is designed mainly with filter coffee in mind the burrs are able to grind fine enough for espresso making this an excellent all round grinder. If you mainly grind for espresso we would still recommend a dedicated home espresso grinder like the Baratza Sette 270.

Key features include:

- 58mm stainless steel flat burrs

- Build in scales

- Even grind particle size for better extractions and improved flavour

- 40 adjustment steps with small increments

- Anti static stainless steel grounds container 

- Low grind retention of less than 1 gram

- Slow grind to reduce heat buildup

- Easy to clean. Small brush included

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Wilfa Uniform

    What a difference a good grinder makes. The consistency of grind for use with a Hario drip filter is incredible. Every day the same consistency and when paired with Horsham Coffee as well, beautiful depth of flavour throughout the temperature change. So, so pleased.

    Tidy, sturdy coffee grinder

    This is a really nice unit. It's quite a bit larger than i thought it'd be. Really easy to use and oodles of control over the grind size with consistent results. I use it for filter and it's brilliant especially with the built in weight scale it's so easy. Transforms your coffee experience.

    Happy customer

    Grinder excellent - use for French press and pour over - auto shut off is very handy feature. Recommend highly. Service from Horsham first rate.

    Amazing coffee and costumer care

    Ordered A few bundles of coffee, the aroma alone when opening the package was sublime, the coffee tasted amazing. And when I needed to contact customer care due to one package opening secondary to heat during shipping, they were amazing and offered to resend it or refund me the price of one of their high end coffee.Truly a great experience and would surely be my go to coffee seller.

    Excellent Grinder

    I was looking to upgrade from the Wilfa Svart Aroma, which though a good grinder by itself I wanted something that gave me the most accurate and consistent grind. The build is incredibly solid, and is clearly a really well manufactured piece of kit. Some online reviews say that the built in scale is slow to respond, and the app is poorly built, but my experience compared to the Hario Drip is far superior. The Wilfa scale is well built, bright, quick to respond, and I really like the app, bluetooth connectivity so far has always been first time and with no more than a 1-2 second delay.
    The grinder is slower than the Aroma (by design) but I'm happy with that, the quality and consistency of the grinds is superb; I also really like the very solid stepped adjustment, the Aroma would shift slightly whilst grinding, whereas this is completely solid.
    The collection bin is a lot easier to pour the grinds from compared to the Aroma, which was a very odd shape; and though the stainless steel bin does reduce static, I would still add a drop of water to my beans pre-grind to remove that.
    It does retain slightly more grinds than the Aroma, mostly due to the nature of the large flat burrs, but I would say no more than is advertised.

    Overall this is an excellent grinder/scale combo and if you're looking to really up your home brew game I would completely recommend it.

    Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Farm