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Acaia Lunar Scale - Free UK Delivery

Acaia Lunar Scale - Free UK Delivery

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Acaia Lunar Scale

This product is only available to purchase in the UK - Free UK delivery

The Acaia Lunar Scale is a compact version of the more affordable Acaia Pearl scale. In addition to the great features of the Pearl the Lunar is small and compact and is ideal for use on the drip tray of an espresso machine. This is a solid and robust scale designed for everyday use and is waterproof.
  • Syncs to an Android or iOS app via Bluetooth.
  • 20ms response time making the scale feel very responsive.
  • Accurate to within 0.1 grams for precise measurements.
  • Very stable to avoid weight creeping over time.
  • Built-in timer function
  • Auto shutoff settings can be changed using the phone app
  • Long life battery with micro USB connection for easy charging


Why buy the Acaia Lunar Scales?

We've been using the Acaia Lunar Scale for several years at our roastery and they a superb set of coffee scales. The Acaia Lunar Scale fits perfectly on the drip tray of almost all espresso machines and the build quality is excellent. The compact design means these will fit on small drip trays found on machines like the La Marzocco Linea Mini. They are water-resistant and designed for regular daily use. The scales can be charged using any USB-C cable and feature a long life battery.

For more information visit the Acaia website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent Scale

I’d thought about buying one of these, for years, but it seemed extravagant, so I bought 3 cheap scales, over the years, that were always, affordable, but plasticky, rather erratic and unreliable. They either broke after a short time, or were returned within a trial period. Thereafter, I got by with my excellent, Tanita kitchen scales and the timer on my iPhone or iWatch. For some reason, my dialling in new beans was always difficult, and wasteful, even with my excellent Niche Zero grinder. I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to an early Xmas and birthday gift. I’m glad I did. Although the Brewmaster App is disappointing, which I’d heard before my purchase, the Acaia Lunar 2021 scale is first rate. It’s well built, feature rich, and I’m able to use it on the drip tray of my Londinium 1. I use weigh mode and mode 4, and have turned off the other 5 modes (easy in settings), so that I don’t have to scroll through them. My shots have improved dramatically, and dialling in is no longer tedious. I stumbled across HCR in the Authorised Retailers page on the Acaia website. They offered it at a good price, so I took the plunge. I ordered a bag of Workhorse at the same time, which is a very pleasant, espresso blend. I’m now awaiting the arrival of another bag, some Nova and the Single Origin Coffee Selection. All in all, I’m glad I came across HCR, and made the decision to purchase the Lunar 2021. Don’t be tempted to buy it in the USA, where it’s cheaper, as I almost once did, as there’s VAT and import duty, on top, as with Acaia’s own European Webshop. Even they advise, online, to purchase from an Authorised Reseller at home, as the scale has to go back to the supplier for any repairs or servicing, even if that’s overseas. IB

Worth It

Great scales. Expensive? Yes. But the build quality makes it worth it if you're pushing out espresso every day. Fast shipping from Horsham. My only minor gripe is that I would have liked the option of a slightly slower (cheaper) shipping service.

Super fast

Simply best price and reliability all round.

Acaia Lunar

Really happy with my purchase, quick delivery, yes the scales are expensive but hopefully will last for years to come, would purchase from Horsham Coffee Roaster again, quick dispatch and delivery with DPD one of the more reliable couriers, 1hr delivery slot provided on delivery day.

Thanks again


Acaia Lunar Scale - Free UK Delivery