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Acaia Lunar Scale - Free UK Delivery - Horsham Coffee Roaster Acaia Lunar Scale - Free UK Delivery - Horsham Coffee Roaster Acaia Lunar Silver Scales - Free UK Delivery
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Acaia Lunar Scale

This product is only available to purchase in the UK
The Acaia Lunar Scale is a compact version of the more affordable Acaia Pearl scale. In additional to the great features of the Pearl the Lunar is small and compact and is ideal for use on the drip tray of an espresso machine. This is a solid and robust scale designed for everyday use and is waterproof.
  • Syncs to an Android or iOS app via bluetooth.
  • 20ms response time making the scale feel very responsive.
  • Accurate to within 0.1 grams for precise measurements.
  • Very stable to avoid weight creeping over time.
  • Built in timer function
  • Auto shutoff settings can be changed using the bluetooth app.
  • Powerful battery with micro usb connection. 

We've been using the Acaia Lunar Scale for several years at our roastery and they a superb set of coffee scales. The Acaia Lunar Scale fit perfectly on the drip tray of almost all espresso machines and the build quality is excellent. They are water resistant and designed for regular daily use.

For more information visit the Acaia website.

Customer Reviews

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Acaia Lunar

What can I say! Brilliant!

Accurate and smart Espresso Scale

brilliant for the job that it is designed for and looks very smart with your espresso station. Only downside is that i think it could incorporate a flow rate value for use during V60, i know it’s not the primary design usage but would be nice.