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Clever Dripper - Free UK delivery

Clever Dripper - Free UK delivery

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Clever Dripper 

Free UK delivery 

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The Clever Dripper is a great way to make amazing filter coffee at home or in the office. This filter brewing device is similar to a Hario V60 02 in size but instead of requiring a slow and very even pour of water the coffee is brewed as an immersion.

Immersion brewing is similar to brewing coffee in a cafetiere. However, the Clever Dripper uses filter paper to filter the coffee once the brew is complete. This results in a really clean cup of coffee without the sediment and rich body that is typical of brewing using a cafetiere.

Benefits of using a Clever Dripper

  • Made from tough, durable plastic that doesn't taint the flavour of the coffee
  • No need for a slow pouring kettle, pour water directly over the coffee
  • Designed to work with Filtropa Coffee papers
  • Flexible brewing method and you can brew using different timings and grind settings to get the best from the coffee.
  • 500ml size but suitable for brewing between 250 and 500ml.
  • Compatible with Filtropa size 4 filters.

We sell the Filtropa Papers separately and are not included with the Clever Dripper. Please note this is the 500ml Clever Dripper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Nice dripper! No complaints. Easy to use and clean. :)

Brilliant piece of Kit!!

This is great!! It’s high quality, inexpensive and easy to use. But more importantly brews amazing coffee. Well worth the purchase.

Good product. No complaints. Sweet!

Tried with speciality and Gesha coffee. I felt coffee came out more sweet compared to v60. Some light water comes out first but the brew soon darkens and tastes delicious. Good for those who don’t like v60 pour over methods. Simply add water then coffee and ensure no lumps in the coffee. 2-3 minutes brew time worked well for me.

So simple and yet such delicious coffee

This is a deceptively simple device. With minimal effort you are rewarded with delicious coffee.

To get the best from it I recommend watching James Hoffman‘s ‘the ultimate Clever Dripper technique’ on YouTube YouTube video placeholder
Quality and consistency.

Wished I'd bought one years ago, all of the other pot's etc now redundent.