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Clever Dripper 

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The Clever Dripper is a great way to make amazing filter coffee at home or in the office. This filter brewing device is similar to a Hari V60 02 in size but instead of requiring a slow and very even pour of water the coffee is brewed as an immersion.

Immersion brewing is similar to brewing coffee in a cafetiere. However the Clever Dripper users a filter paper to filter the coffee once the brew is complete. This results in a really clean cup of coffee without the sediment and rich body that is typical of brewing using a cafetiere.

Benefits of using a Clever Dripper

  • Made from tough, durable plastic that doesn't taint the flavour of the coffee
  • No need for a slow pouring kettle, just pour water directly over the coffee
  • Designed to work with Filtropa Coffee papers
  • Flexible brewing method and you can brew using different timings and grind settings to get the best from the coffee.

We sell the Filtropa Papers separately and are not included with the Clever Dripper. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michael Park
Quality and consistency.

Wished I'd bought one years ago, all of the other pot's etc now redundent.

Matthew Yeates
Absolute game changer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saw this on a You tube video and took the plunge. Really easy to use, CHEAP, great coffee and since I have bought it have not used my Mokka Pot or V60.

Happy with my purchase

Good price, fast delivery and it’s simple and easy to make delicious "clean" tasting coffee. Very happy thanks.

G Stears
Nice Bit of Kit

Bought a drip thing and some coffee. Pleased with both.

Geraldine Gleeson
Best easiest quickest way to make 1 cup coffee.

Love it