Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder
£89.00 GBP

Wilfa Silver Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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With the Wilfa Silver grinder, you can choose precisely how to grind your coffee: from French press, V60 filter, mocha-pot and Aeropress. The Wilfa Silver coffee grinder is a an excellent and affordable electric coffee grinder.

We've been testing out this small, affordable at home grinder and it's a fantastic product! Perfect for home users who want make coffee using a filter or immersion brew method and is unbeatable value for money.

Please note, it does not grind fine enough for espresso and is suitable for all immersion and filter brew methods.

Benefits of the Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder:

  • 250 g capacity
  • Timer function
  • Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Center
  • NEMKO approved

Customer Reviews

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Great grinder

I had a very basic coffee grinder before, but this machine has made a lot of difference to the flavour of the beans after grinding: much richer and more intense. I use an aeropresse and had it on that setting but some of the beans got stuck, so Bradley at Horsham Coffee Roaster suggested I try a coarse grind. Now I can 'pre-grind' then put it through on the aeropresse setting. That tip wasn't on the leaflet, but it works for me and the quality is still great. This is a far superior grinder to all the grinders I've used before (many) - but not the silly price tag. Well worth buying, especially if you want quality coffee, but are not out at coffee places any more!

By the way, the reason there are relatively few reviews for the excellent coffees Horsham sells is because of the very poor quality of judge.me - you write a review, and it always says 'invalid token' and want you to go back etc. To get the reviews you need a reliable review provider.