Compak coffee grinders

Compak grinders

Reliable, fast espresso coffee grinders

Compak E8 grinder

Compak espresso grinders are well built, robust and offer excellent value for money. They offer a wide range of espresso grinders with models suitable for home use all the way up to busy commercial coffee shop use. 

We first had the opportunity to try Compak grinders at the London Coffee Festival in 2016 and were very impressed. Just after this we received the Compak E8 on loan and after a month of testing decided to buy it for trialling and testing coffees at our roastery. The E8 on demand is an 83mm flat burr design capable of grinding an 18 gram coffee dose in 4.5 seconds. Ideal for a busy coffee shop environment. 

Compak manufacture a range of other grinders including small home espresso models such as the E5 on demand and the super high demand E10 Master Conical.

Contact us via email for more information on Compak grinders or visit the Compak site to learn more about the models available.