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Best Ground Coffee? - Ground vs Whole Bean

The Best Ground Coffee vs Wholebean

Since the lockdown began we've noticed a big shift in online consumer habits with many more people choosing to learn how to brew great coffee at home rather than relying on coffee shops or poor quality supermarket ground coffee.

At Horsham Coffee Roaster we are more than happy to sell some of the worlds best ground coffee to our online and retail customers. The truth is though that buying whole bean coffee and grinding fresh at home is likely to produce the best brew. We sell a great range of grinders from the Hario Mini Mill range all the way up to the Baratza Vario:

Best ground coffee using a Baratza Vario

Ground coffee or cheap home grinder?

The most important thing to avoid is a cheap home grinder, especially the blade grinders. These tend to smash the beans and result in varied particle sizes causing a very uneven coffee brew. It's much better, in fact, to buy ground coffee rather than attempt to grind it yourself in a grinder that is going to give you an uneven particle size! We grind our customers coffee to order using a Mahlkong VTA6S, a large industrial grinder with flat burrs that produces a very even and consistent grind.

Which is the best ground coffee?

If you are buying pre-ground coffee from us the best options are usually our blends or less expensive single-origin coffees like our Rwanda and Brazil. The more expensive coffees tend to have more complex flavours characteristics that are most noticeable when brewing from beans freshly ground at home.

Which grind type should you choose?

We offer three grind option:

  • Espresso
  • Filter
  • Cafetiere

We would recommend selecting the espresso grind option for espresso and Moka pot as this grind type will work well for both. We use a universal espresso grind that works well with most espresso machines however we can't guarantee the results, you might need to vary your dose for best results. Your espresso brewing will be elevated significantly by investing in a good espresso grinder and a set of scales! 

Filter grind is great for pour-over, electric filter machines and Aeropress. Aeropress is not particularly grind specific and you can brew great coffee on these with many different grind types. Just adjust brew time to suit. Cafetiere is great for cafetiere or any other brew type that requires a medium/coarse grind.

If you are new to brewing coffee at home why not try out one of our brew bundles? The Hario V60 bundle and Aeropress bundle are available with pre-ground coffee but can also be selected with a Hario Hand grinder in the bundle section.  

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