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Rwandan Coffee and Tree Planting

OneTreePlanted and our Rwandan Coffee Beans

We are super excited to have made our first contribution to OneTreePlanted from our May sales of Rwandan coffee beans. You might have noticed that last month we announced that we would be partnering with OneTreePlanted as part of our plans to offset our carbon emissions. As a coffee roasting business there are several parts of the chain that create a negative environmental impact. We try to keep this to a minimum by doing the following:

  • Roasting on a Loring S35 eco roaster
  • Driving an electric zero emissions Nissan Leaf as our roastery car
  • Delivering to local customers using our Nissan Leaf
  • Re-using boxes and packaging 
  • Delivering to web and wholesale customers via DPD who offset carbon emissions

Reducing our impact makes a big difference but we go one step further by funding the planting of trees in Rwanda. The planting project is located fairly close to Bwishaza co-operative who we work with directly. Each tree planted will absorb up to 23kg or carbon per year during its life-cycle. Our business is linked to the emissions of about 25 tonnes of CO2 per year (including the transport of green coffee from origins to our roastery). That means that the 343 trees planted from last month alone will be able to absorb 8 tons of CO2 per year once they are properly matured. We plan to plant roughly the same number every month make our yearly contribution equal to around 100 ton of CO2 absorbtion!

We are incredibly please that so many of our customers have supported us during the first month of this project, please keep buying our Rwandan coffee in order to make as much impact as possible!

One Tree Planted Certificate

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