Brewing coffee using a manual method is a really great, affordable way to make good coffee at home. It's well worth investing in a good quality grinder, a narrow spout pouring kettle and set of scales in order to get the best out of the coffee.

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Manual Brew Coffee

Manually brewing your coffee is not only affordable but it allows you to make great coffee at home. Our variation of manual coffee brewing products, includes grinders, narrow spout kettles and coffee scales, that will allow you to make delicious, amazing coffee in the comfort of your own home. Make cafe quality coffee quicker and cheaper. Our brands of manual coffee brewing equipment includes Fellow, Comandante, Cafflano, Hario, Kalita and Chemex.

Invest in a Quality Manual Coffee Brewing Equipment

Manual brewing coffee is becoming more and more popular among coffee enthusiasts - and it’s not surprising! When you want to brew a small amount of coffee but don’t want to sacrifice on the taste, manual is the way to go. From grinders, to filters we have a whole range of manual coffee brewing equipment to ensure that you can brew the perfect coffee at home!

Control your Coffee Brewing with Manual

The beauty of manual coffee brewing - and the reason why many choose this is because it is easy to control the brew, process and grind. By doing this, the maker has the choice of making a coffee perfect to their preference and taste. Our manual coffee brewing products are easy to use - whether you are a newbie coffee grinder or a self confessed coffee bean addict! Our most popular manual coffee brewing products include the Cafflano Klassic - EX DEMO grinder and the Hario Mini-Slim Pro Grinder, which are both great if you are starting out with manual coffee brewing. So, whether you are waking up in the morning, or need a little pick me up throughout the day, manual coffee brewing is an easy and fast way to brew great coffee for yourself. Get the full flavour of the coffee beans and the delight in the art of making coffee.

Coffee Subscriptions to Experiment With

If you are interested in receiving coffee beans on a regular basis to experiment with, take a look at our coffee subscription pages.

Tip: to really maximise the taste and enjoyment of your manual coffee brewing - make sure you have the right equipment to hand!