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Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic - Free UK Delivery

Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic - Free UK Delivery

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Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic 

Free UK Delivery

The Kalita Wave brewer is a real favourite among the staff here at Horsham Coffee Roaster. With its flat bottom as opposed to the cone bottom found on V60's and Chemex, the Kalita provides a balanced, even extraction that really enhances the flavour profile of our coffees. Filter paper not included, we recommend the White 185 Papers.

Like with most pour over filter methods you'll get the most out of this brewer when paired with a gooseneck pour over kettle, designed to provide a steady flow of water perfect for filter brewing. You can find the pourover kettle in our equipment section.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Feel good dripper

I originally ordered the metal version via A.. from japan which never arrived - aparently due to covid. So I was looking for an alternative and I am really happy that I came across Horsham Coffee.
It was delivered quickly, and it luckily survived being thrown over our fence.
This is my first ever drip coffee maker, and it is a delight. If you appreciate ceramic ware and pure simple design it wont disappoint. Easy to use and clean and makes a really nice 1 to 2 mugs of coffee. I highly recommend it.


Really pleased with the product and the customer service, Horsham had ran out of paper filters at the time of ordering but they honoured the order and sent me some from their personal supply to keep me going! Amazing!