Zambia Kachipapa farm - Coffee of the month

Zambia Kachipapa farm - Coffee of the month

Varietal –  SL28
Preparation – Washed
Location – Serenje, Zambia
Altitude – 1450+ masl
Importer - InterAmerican Coffee

We are very excited to bring you our first ever Zambian coffee! Zambia is not a well know coffee producing country and has only been commercially exporting since the mid 1980s. Production volumes are much lower than than the well know African coffee-producing countries. As a comparison, Kenya produces around 50000 tons per year while Zambia produces just 2500 tons per year. 

Farm Overview

Kachipapa farm covers a total area of 350 hectares and is family-owned. The farm altitude is around 1450 masl. The total coffee-producing section of the farm covers 60 hectares with 40 hectares of mature coffee-producing trees and 20 hectares of young trees expected to produce coffee in around 2 years time. 

All the coffee is under irrigation, meaning sufficient water throughout the dry periods.
The climate in Serenje Zambia will normally have one wet season (November – April) and one dry season (May – October) with the hottest months being September to November. The average rainfall is around 1,200mm per annum. The farm not only produces coffee but has also intercropped with macadamia’s, the trees are actively mulched by means of using the natural grass and anything that is pruned off the trees. This mulch helps retain moisture in the soil by slowing down evaporation, essential during the hot summer months.

At Kachipapa Farm one of the main responsibilities is to improve the quality of life for the staff and the local community. There have been 25 new houses built for the permanent farm employees with recently installed new clean water piping systems providing the community with clean water. They are also able to fund the local school for teacher employment as well as provide medical assistance and malaria prevention to the local communities.

Harvesting and Processing:

Coffee is hand-harvested separating the different varietals. They grow SL28, Catimor and Costa Rica and we've selected the SL28 varietal. After harvesting coffee is pulped, fermented, washed and graded and dried on raised African beds. 

Tasting Notes:

This is a great coffee with a bright acidity but wonderful balance. There are elements of flavour that remind us of coffees produced in Rwanda but with more blackcurrant like fruit notes typically found in the SL28 varietal grown in Kenya. You can expect juicy fruit flavours that include blackcurrant, orange and a wonderful sweet caramel finish.

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