The Art of Coffee


The Art of Coffee

Guest post by Sarah Anne Draws

 As an artist and designer, I am really happy to be pairing my new collection - The Perfect Cup – Coffee inspired cards and prints with a bag of speciality roasted and eco ground coffee courtesy of Horsham Coffee Roaster - with a special 10% discount for readers of Horsham Coffee Roaster’s Blog.

The Perfect Cup

My interest in coffee stems from having two men in my life who love coffee – my brother (who has engineered his own coffee stand and made a lamp from recycled coffee filters); and my photographer husband (whose first thing to do in a new place is to create a map of where to get that perfect brew). In our 7 years together, we have moved 14 times, across 4 countries and have tried a lot of different coffee!

Before starting Sarah Anne Draws, I lived in Sweden where I was introduced to Fika – an important part of the culture there - where people take a break, perhaps enjoy something sweet, and have a conversation, but always with coffee at the heart. The Swedes are the 6th biggest coffee consumers in the world – and have some amazing eco coffee shops, with that calm and creative Scandi feeling – and I think it is here that I really got hooked.

My Perfect Cup is probably an Aero Press (made by someone else – as I always get water everywhere), using a slight darker roast with a rich flavour and body. I do also love an oat cappuccino (but please don’t burn the milk!).

The Art of Creation

I have always been passionate about drawing and creating, and although I now work as an artist and designer full time, my background is in textile development and engineering. The creative process has always fascinated me, and this also applies to a cup of coffee.

This, the art of creation, is the main inspiration for The Perfect Cup – a range of coffee inspired art prints and cards which focus on the art of the barista and illustrates six different coffee preparation techniques, including pour over, moka pot and some latte art too.

My design process is simple, starting with a pencil drawing on paper, adding some watercolours and finished with a tiny bit of digital editing; I then print on recycled paper at a small business in Yorkshire.

Sharing a coffee

When creating The Perfect Cup I thought it would be great if I could connect my art with some real coffee – after all who just wants to look at some coffee without being able to drink some too?  

After receiving a glowing recommendation from a coffee loving friend, I reached out to Horsham. Based in the UK with a strong focus on supporting workers, protecting the environment and roasting in a sustainable way, I felt their values were perfect and I’m really happy to say that I am collaborating with them in this Coffee and Art collection.

To keep things simple in these times of lock-down, the collection consists of one of three Horsham ground coffees, an art print and a card – in which I can personally write your message – sent straight to your recipient. If you want to keep it for yourself (and why wouldn’t you?) then it can be sent it straight to you instead.

 Sarah Ann draws coffee with Horsham Coffee Roaster bags

If you’d like to get a print with some great coffee then please click on the link to my website and to see my creative journey give me a follow on Instagram.

To get your 10% off as a Horsham Blog reader, please enter CoffeeArt10 at the checkout page, before 1st of July 2020.

Sarah Ann Draws Coffee with Horsham Coffee Roaster bags


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The Perfect Grinder

After reading lots of articles and watching many demo video reviews, I finally went ahead and purchased the Barazza Vario grinder, I am blown away with it's features and grind quality, it is also quite heavy and feels built to last for years to come, I did some price comparisons and found Horsham Coffee Roasters came out tops in value, plus I live only 15 mins drive away so I was keen to shop local.

Delivery was super quick even over the Crimbo holiday period, it arrived very well packaged with 2 empty coffee bean hessian sacks.

Another plus was a few pounds off for subscribing to their newsletter, and I had some bonus store credit which I chose to spend on a kilo bag of Nova espresso blend....Great result and I highly recommend this grinder and shopping with Horsham Coffee Roasters.

One of the best hand grinders

Great build quality, easy to use and very consistent grinds. Recommended.

Everything I wanted

Bought these as they seemed more reasonably priced than other ‘proper’ coffee scales and they certainly have not disappointed. I wanted one with bluetooth functionality, although haven’t needed to use it so far. I love that the timer starts when the extraction starts. Why haven’t I been using coffee scales for longer? Every extraction tastes good and is uniform, I’m no longer making the odd rubbish cup or wasting any beans. Easy to use and everything I need!

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