Partnering with Terracycle

Partnering with Terracycle

Towards the middle of 2019 we release our new single material recyclable packaging made from plastic with no foil. We discussed the reasons behind this in our blog post on Recyclable Pack

One of the driving factors behind this change was to eliminate the use of foil. While plastic certainly isn't perfect it is less harmful than single use foil which is more damaging to the environment to product. 

Our bag is made from plastic that can be recycled and in the blog post we discussed some of the challenges. Unfortunately the UK infrastructure isn't particularly well setup to recycle plastics which large amounts being shipped to the far east and not actually being re-used. We were also aware that some local councils will not take plastic bags.

For this reason we have decided to partner with Terracycle to ensure that our customers have a way to guarentee that their used coffee bags will be properly recycled. 

Terracycle have proven that it is possible to reuse almost any waste stream by producing new products from a waste product like coffee packaging. Many of these products can be purchased directly from Terracycle and we encourage you to read a bit more about them on their website.

You can now drop off your used Horsham Coffee Roaster packaging at Bond St Coffee in Brighton or at the Horsham Coffee Roaster and we will make sure that these are correctly recycled. Please feel free to store used bags and either post them back to us or drop them off if you are in the local area.

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