Organic Coffee Beans

Organic Coffee Beans

Organic coffee certification and Soil Association

So why are we now selling Organic certified coffee beans? Find out below!

We are super excited to announce that we are now Organic certified by the Soil Association. Organic coffee certification isn't particularly common in the speciality coffee market. Most roasters tend to focus on trace-ability and quality of roasting. We've decided to join the small group of roasters that have chosen to take this one step further!

So why organic certification? There are two main reasons:

Organic Coffee Bean production at origin:

Many of the coffee beans we have been selling for years have been produced using organic farming methods. Some of these have been certified and some not. Our Rwandan coffees, as an example, are produced using eco minded farming methods and as far as we are aware the farmers use only natural fertilisers and insecticides that would comply with organic requirements. However they are not officially certified. Many other farmers around the world, including a large percentage in Ethiopia, Peru and Bolivia are certified as Organic. This means that these producers have focused and invested on farming techniques that have allowed them and their co-operatives and washing station to be certified as Organic. We decided we'd like to honour these producers and the only way to do this was to make sure the we ourselves are Organic certified. 

Organic Coffee Bean requests from customers:

We've noticed a growing trend over the last few years. Many wholesale customers running cafes and restaurants are focusing on numerous key themes. These include trace-ability, supporting local, vegan and, in some cases, Organic. In turn many of their customers are seeking great quality products, including coffee, that has been produced by organic certified coffee farmers. 

From now on you will usually be able to find at least one or two Organic certified coffees for sale on our website. And if you are an interested wholesale customer looking for Organic coffee beans then please get in touch.

The New Organic Subscription from Horsham Coffee Roaster

We have also released our Organic Coffee Subscription. If you sign up you can expect to receive a regular supply of our organic coffee beans and these will usually include our coffees from origins like Peru, Ethiopia and Honduras. 

So, if you are interested in buying Organic coffee beans just look out for the Soil Association logo on the front of our bags.

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