New Recyclable Coffee Packaging

New Recyclable Coffee Packaging

We are super excited to announce the release of our new recyclable coffee packaging and labels! 

Our previous coffee packaging was made with traditional coffee bag materials that included foil, plastic and paper. While foil is a great material for extending shelf life, it has a fairly poor environmental footprint as a results of the manufacturing process. These multi layer bags were also not easy to recycle. 

This year we decided to remove foil from our coffee packaging and switched to a single material bag made of recyclable plastics. We've also updated our labels for a more contemporary feel with information on the front rather than the back of the bags. 

Although the new bags are made from plastics that can be recycled we encourage our customers to check first before adding them to your council recycling collection. Many coffee roasters are now using bags that are technically recyclable but the UK currently has fairly poor recycling of plastics. The best way to make sure that these are recycled is to check with your local council. We've put together a specific recycling page with more information. 

We hope you like the new recyclable coffee packaging as much as we do!

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