INTRODUCING: Panama Geisha - Casa Ruiz (Natural)

INTRODUCING: Panama Geisha - Casa Ruiz (Natural)


Well, as I'm sure you've all been ever so good this year we thought we'd let everyone finish off the year in style. We've just started production roasting of our new Panama Geisha coffee! 

This beautiful, sweet and complex coffee has been carefully grown by the Ruiz family who have grown their once small farm over the last 100 years into a world renowned coffee enterprise. This enterprise not only grows some of the worlds finest coffee but also processes and packages it too. Having complete control over the entire process means that the Ruiz family can constantly improve and innovate in very specific areas that ultimately result in an extremely special coffee.

This natural processed Geisha leapt out at us on the cupping table. It's unusual in that it manages to taste remarkably vibrant and unique whilst simultaneously maintaining perfect balance, a characteristic rarely found in natural processed coffees. 

In the cup you can expect to find delicious sweet notes of blueberry and strawberry and a creamy milk chocolate sweetness , with hints of red grape acidity and a delicate, tea like body.

This coffee is available in 150g gold tins on our webstore, RIGHT NOW!  

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