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Coffee Subscription Box - Choosing the right subscription coffee for you

The world of coffee subscriptions is complex and it can be very difficult to decide what to go for! Virtually every coffee roastery in the country offers some form of coffee subscription box and they are all very different. We've been offering flexible coffee subscriptions for several years now and this has become a popular choice for many of our customers. The great thing about our subscriptions is that you don't need to wait several days or weeks as we send out your subscription the day after you place the order! 

Coffee subscription box

Choose your coffee subscription box:

Our coffee subscription page has quite a few options to choose from. These include the following:

1) Our Workhorse Blend subscription. This is perfect for coffee drinkers who love our consistent and dependable blend. We find this is a very popular choice for espresso drinkers and offices.

2) Our Rwanda subscription. We've been supporting producers in Rwanda for several years now and our Rwanda coffee subscription box features coffees from Bwishaza co-operative and Liza washing station. It's universal and great both as filter and espresso.

3) Our Organic subscription. Although we don't focus on organic certified coffees we know that many people like to purchase products with some kind of organic traceability. For this reason we offer a year round organic coffee, it changes from time to time but will always come from an organic farm. We are certified by The Soil Association.

4) Our coffee of the month subscription. This is the most interesting option for coffee lovers and perfect as a gift! Subscribing to this option means you will receive a different coffee every month. It's flexible so you can choose how much coffee you'd like to receive and if you'd like more than one delivery per month.

All our subscriptions are super flexible and allow you to choose how much coffee you'd like and how frequently you'd like to receive it.

We offer the choice of both an ongoing subscription or a 3, 6 or 12 month prepaid option which is great if you are looking for gift ideas.

You can select your subscription option on our Pay as you go subscription page or Prepaid and gift subscription page. 


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