Coffee of the month - East Timor Duhoho Farmers Community

Coffee of the month - East Timor Duhoho Farmers Community

Coffee of the month - East Timor Duhoho Farmers Community

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Varietal –  Typica and Timor Hybrid
Preparation – Washed
Location – Haupa village
Altitude – 1300+- masl
Importer - Falcon Coffees

The Duhoho farming community was established in 2004 and 18 farmers contributed to this lot. They work as a team to pick, collect, and process their cherry. ' Duhoho' means ‘to escape outside’ and describes the farmers’ activity of leaving their houses each day to carry out their daily work. At least 4 of the current farmers in this area follow the work of their grandparents before them as coffee growers.

East Timor coffee training

East Timor is recognised more for the varietal ‘hybrid de timor’ than the coffee it has produced for 200 years since its introduction in 1817 by the Portuguese. The Hybrid De Timor variety was a natural hybrid between typica & robusta and first discovered in 1927. In the cup, they demonstrate a sweetness, delicacy and florals associated with the typica variety (known as Arabi locally), which are then complemented by the spicy pepper, tamarind and full-bodied characteristics that you would be more familiar from the Hybrid De Timor varietal.

This is a fantastic washed coffee from a small community of producers who take great care to ensure their coffee is produced to a high standard. All coffee is carefully hand harvested and sorted before it is washed as cherry to remove defects and then pulped and washed again before drying until the coffee reaches a moisture content of 12%.

We are very pleased to be able to share a fantastic coffee like this from a less well know origin. Tasting notes include plum, chocolate, cola and a rich, creamy body. 
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