Chemex coffee maker

Chemex coffee maker and filters

Chemex coffee maker

Chemex coffee makers and filter papers now available to order online

Chemex coffee makers

We've added two Chemex coffee brewers with appropriate filter papers to the website. We've always enjoyed the benefits of using a Chemex for filter coffee and regularly use one at the roastery and at home. They look great and are made from high-quality glass.

Why use a Chemex coffee maker?

There are quite a few differences in flavour when comparing a Hario V60 type pour over with the Chemex and it's mainly to do with the papers. The Chemex filter paper is about 20% thicker than the papers made for Hario. This absorbs more of the oils and sediment particles resulting in a very clear, clean-tasting brew and is perfect for brewing lightly roasted speciality coffee beans.#

The second advantage is that the Chemex is also a very nice, stylish server! The CM-1C Chemex is ideal for making 1-2 cups of coffee but also works very well for a single cup. I use it regularly at home to make one large cup of coffee using a dose of 20 grams of coffee and 300 grams of water. Chemex claims that it can be used to make 3 cups but the filtered coffee will start to touch the paper with around 500 grams of water. This ends up as 3 fairly small cups of coffee! If you'd like to make coffee for more people we'd recommend the larger CM-6A. 

We also sell the appropriate filters for the CM-1C (FP-2 papers) and the CM-6A (FC-100 papers).

We offer free delivery on orders of £15 or more which means that both Chemex are available with free delivery and if you buy a 250g bag of coffee beans with a pack of filters that will likely push the total price above £15 giving you free delivery!

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