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Acaia Lunar and Pearl scales

Acaia Lunar and Acaia Pearl scales now available

Acaia Pearl scales

We are really pleased to be selling the Acaia Lunar and Pearl scales on our webstore. These are also available at trade price to our wholesale customers so please email us for more information.

We've been testing these out since November 2015 and used them at Cup North for constant V60 brewing all weekend. They performed extremely well and we are super impressed with the build quality, consistency and reliability of these scales. The iphone and android app designed to work with the scales is excellent and has really helped us to improve our Hario V60 consistency. 

The Acaia Pearl scales are available in black and white and are designed specifically for slow brew methods such as V60 and Chemex.

The Acaia Lunar are smaller and will fit on the drip tray of an espresso machine. These are designed to help baristas monitor the weight, time and flow rate of the espresso extraction.

If you have any questions about these outstanding scales please get in touch or you can read a bit more on the Acaia website.

These can be purchased in the equipment section of the website. 

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We’re not easily pleased - honest!

This is our new favourite. We were disappointed that our usual Kenyan coffee was not available, but true to form Horsham never disappoints. This has a slightly fuller depth and richness to the flavour and makes a perfect cup every time. We’re on our 2nd kilo now!

Makes my mornings that much better

I upgraded from a cheap blade grinder to this and the difference is night and day. Consistency is key when it comes to good coffee and until I got this I was making a completely different cup each morning. Now I really feel like I have control over my grind size and my coffee quality has improved massively.

Easy to use, easy to clean, well priced compared to others on the market, what's not to love?

Best so far

This is absolutely delicious , best coffee so far

Class grinder

I recently was looking for an electric grinder that would not be over expensive but better than the cheaper end models so after lots of reviews I managed to settle on the wilfa . I also watched a James Hoffmann YouTube video of this grinder and liked what he had to say . Now I’ve been using it a few weeks it’s superb and quite quiet and very quick at grinding 14g of beans in no time at all . Overall I expect it to last a long time as it’s well built and easy to clean

Great coffee!!

If you haven’t tried this coffee and you are an espresso fan then do yourself a favour and give it a try.