Nicaragua Origin Trip 2016

Nicaragua Origin Trip 2016

Following on from our great trip to Rwanda last year we sent Matthew (our head roaster) over to Nicaragua to visit the Peralta family and Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. 

We've bought coffee from Peralta via our friends at Falcon Speciality for the past three years and decided it was time we paid them a visit. While over there Matthew was able to visit a variety of farms that are either owned by the family or linked to the family milling operation. They have an impressive list of coffee varietals grown on their farms and these include Catuai, Red Bourbon, Java, Pacamara and a variety of others! They also do an excellent job of showcasing the effect of processing. Over the past few years we've had washed, honey and natural processed coffees from their farms. The honey and natural process tend to be super fruity due to the element of drying with either some or all of the fruit intact.

Part of the reason for visiting was to establish our interest in exclusive lots and to cup and preselect some some coffees for this years shipment. These will be arriving around June/July. 

Here are a few photos from the recent trip:

Coffee plantation Nicaragua

Coffee picker Ripe coffee cherries

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