The Serra de Mantiqueira is a mountain range that stretches across São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro states. The coffee comes from two farms in the hills surrounding Carmo de Minas, where it is picked, processed and hulled before being brought to the Cocarive warehouse just outside São Lourenço.



Carmo de Minas




Red Acaia - Other varietals grown on the farm include Bourbon, Catuai, Geisha and Obata.

Meet The Producers

This lot combines coffee from two producers. Sitio Da Torre is ocated in Carmo De Minas, just outside the spa town of Sao Lourenco, Alvaro, the owner, spends a huge
amount of time tending his current crops of coffee, as well as looking to the future for the next crop. They have won cup of excellence awards no less than 29 times and grow a wide range of varietals.

The second farm is called Tres Barras and is owned by producer José Wagner Ribeiro Junqueira, who farms the land with his his wife Margarida Maria de Castro Junqueira and their three sons (Kleber, Ralph and Herbert de Castro Junqueira). Cherries are hand-picked for quality and the tricky layout of the topography of the farm.

Harvesting & Processing

Our lot from the producers comes from the red Acaia grown on both of the farms. After harvest the cherries are pulped to remove the outer layer of fruit and taken to the drying patios the same day. Once dried to a moisture content of 12% the coffee is rested for 30 to 60 days in wooden lined silos. Final dry milling is done at the premises of Cocarive nearby, where beans are colour sorted, graded, and bagged for shipping.