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Rwanda - Liza thin natural

Rwanda - Liza thin natural

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Rwanda - Liza thin natural

Varietal –  Red Bourbon
Preparation – Thin layer natural
Altitude – 1600+ masl
Importer - Horsham Coffee Roaster

Our coffees from Rwanda are directly traded with producers and we are able to offer full transparency and detailed information on these coffees. For more information on how we source coffees take a look at our Transparency Report

For every kilo of Rwandan coffee sold we will ensure a tree is planted in the Gishwati-Mukura forest in Rwanda. For more information visit our OneTreePlanted page.

We first visited Rwanda in 2014 and over the last few years we've developed some very close relationships within the Rwandan coffee community. We first visited Bwishaza co-operative in 2015 and have been buying coffee from them every year and have been working directly with Liza since 2017.

Producer Overview:

Liza washing station is owned by Jean Paul (far left in the above picture). He is a second generation coffee farmer who has worked for many years as an agronomy consultant both in Rwanda and the Congo. His farm has about 6000 trees and he processes coffee from his own farm and from several hundred local small hold farmers within the community. The quality he produces is outstanding and this is due to his dedication and commitment to training local farmers and focusing on very careful hand sorting at the washing station. Jean Paul produces a variety of different microlots specifically for us, these include washed coffees and bespoke experimental process coffees.  

Harvesting and Processing:

Coffee is delivered daily during the harvest period (February to June) by small hold farmers. Usually, they deliver anything between 10 and 100kg depending on the size of their farm.

After delivery coffee is floated in water. Defects tend to float and the good quality cherry will sink. After flotation coffee is laid out to dry on raised tables in a thin layer. The coffee was moved regularly and kept in a thin layer to speed up the drying process to produce a clean natural with minimum fermentation.

Rwanda Liza Natural

After the coffee has dried it is stored in a cool stored room and samples are sent away to be roasted, cupped and graded in Rwanda and also sent to us to be sampled. Once we've selected the lots we've like to purchase the coffee will be dry milled. This process involves removing the parchment layer and further sorting to remove defects.

Tasting Notes: 

Orange, raisin, caramel and berries.  A lovely well-balanced coffee that showcases a gentle approach to natural processing. Fermentation is well controlled resulting in a clean coffee that showcases many similarities to the washed version of this coffee but with a bit more fruit. 

Customer Reviews

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So enjoyable

One of the best!

Amazing Roast

Just a wonderful tasting coffee.

Lovely Liza!

Rich but subtle tones, I love it.

great coffee

Here are my thoughts after brewing Liza thin natural using Clever filter: a rich and fulfilling coffee, yet bright and juicy. The "thin" layer only induces only a light fermentation allowing the notes and flavors to shine.

Perfecto 👌🏼

I love it