Horsham Coffee Roaster is dedicated to supplying premium, ethically traded, freshly roasted coffee beans. We source most of our coffee through direct trade relationships in Rwanda, Kenya, Costa Rica and Brazil. The rest we source through close links with speciality coffee importers who share the same values and ethics that we strive to uphold. We believe a direct, quality based link ensures the growers receive a premium price for their hard work and dedication to speciality coffee. If you are searching for organic coffee many of the ones we sell are grown and harvested by farmers with organic certification. We also aim to stock an excellent, naturally processed decaf coffee which can be found in the coffee section.

All our coffee is roasted on our Loring S35 low emissions roaster.We take a scientific approach to roasting and quality control utilising a moisture meter, refractometer and colour meter to help us to maintain strict standards. We also cup every batch before it leaves the roastery. We sell only whole bean coffee online and encourage our customers to invest in a good quality grinder (like the Baratza Encore) to enable them to get the best from the coffee. To find out more about why you should invest in a good burr grinder please click on the link. Order coffee beans online now via our shop or alternatively you can buy coffee gifts either as gift cards or coffee making equipment.

Our Story

Bradley and Amelia started Horsham Coffee Roaster back in 2012 roasting on a 1kg machine at home in their garage. At the time there were very few Sussex coffee roasters focused on speciality coffee. Very quickly they found local shops keen to use their coffee beans and in 2013 they started selling at the market in Horsham. Over the last 3 years the business has moved twice and now roasts on a much larger Loring S35 eco roaster. We no longer sell our coffee at the market in Horsham but you can find our coffee served in numerous coffee shops, cafes and restaurants around the country. Our core focus is on our relationship coffees. These are sourced by us via direct links with farmers and producers in Rwanda, Costa Rica, Brazil and Kenya. Our aim is to continue to roast some of the worlds best coffee beans at our roastery just a few miles north of Brighton.


Are you looking for a Sussex coffee roaster? Or perhaps a London coffee roaster? We are always keen to work with like minded businesses and can provide a great level of service to customers in the south east including London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. If you currently own a speciality coffee shop or are planning to open one please get in touch. We are proud to be an authorised retailer of La Marzocco and Conti espresso machines and Mahlkonig and Compak coffee grinders.. We are always happy to provide advice and guidance on commercial espresso machines and grinders and the correct selection of coffee beans for commercial use. We have our own coffee shop in Brighton, Bond St Coffee so have significant experience in this area. Bond St Coffee was listed as one of the top 30 coffee shops in Britain in the Telegraph.