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Baratza Encore coffee grinder

Color: Black

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

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The Baratza Encore is the ideal entry level electric grinder. Great for manual brewed coffee. Compact enough for any kitchen it will take your coffee experience to a new level. If you brew Aeropress, filter and cafetiere this is an ideal grinder for you.

The Encore is lauded by coffee experts as THE go-to entry level grinder for those brewing coffee at home. The Encore gives a great grind for drip/manual brew and also grinds fine enough for espresso but will offer less control than more expensive grinders like the Virtuoso.

Featuring 40 individual grind settings, from fine to coarse, the Encore can please any palate with its gamut of accurate and repeatable grind settings. The Encore has an accurate medium to coarse grind for the increasingly popular manual brew methods such as pour-over, Aeropress, Siphon and Chemex. The specially designed burrs give a precise grind with minimal fines for a flavorful, balanced extraction when making espresso.

And, of course, the Encore is built with the quality Baratza parts you've come to trust. The efficient DC motor keeps your beans cool, even during extended grind times, while a combination of electric and gear speed reducers slow the burr to 450 RPM, ensuring a smooth bean feed and reducing noise, heat and static buildup.

Beyond a great coffee-drinking experience, the Encore makes for a great coffee-making experience. A convenient, front-mounted pulse button makes it easy to grind on demand into your brew basket. Whether you are looking for an espresso grinder or a grinder to help you explore that extensive range of brew methods, the Encore is a great all around home grinder.

Burrs: Manufactured in Europe, the Encore's 40 mm conical burrs will grind for many styles of coffee. Conical burrs grinders are exceptional at producing consistent grinds from very fine to very coarse as well as being durable and will remain sharp for many years.

Gearbox: In 2012, Baratza introduced the second generation Gearbox (GB 2.0). With GB 2.0, Baratza has significantly increased the strength and durability of the drive transmission while decreasing noise. In addition to a new drive shaft, motor mounting plate and bushings, this change includes a new drive gear made of 15% glass filled thermo plastic which is quieter than the prior metal gear, wears better and is more shock resistant. During the Encore's rigorous testing process, stainless steel screws were thrown into the burrs, and in every case the motor/gear/burrs stopped immediately, the (automatically-resettable) thermal cutout was triggered, and the gears were fine.  

Grind Adjustment: Turn the hopper and with 40 settings you can quickly adjust from fine for espresso to coarse for French Press. The grind range is from 250 to 1200 microns.

Grinds Left in Grinder: To maximize freshness, the Encore minimizes the ground coffee left in the grinder.

Brewing Methods: The Encore is a great grinder for manual brewing and espresso.

Motor: A powerful, high torque DC motor effortlessly drives the burrs. This motor turns slowly resulting in cool, quiet operation and permits long grinding duty-cycles. The circuitry is equipped with an automatically resetting, thermal cutoff switch.

Calibration: An innovative burr calibration system ensures that each grinder has the full range of grind. If necessary, the grinders can be user calibrated.

Speed Control: With unique speed control, the Encore uses a combination of gear and electronic speed reduction to control the rotation of the burr to 450 RPM. The electronic speed controller is adjustable from 405 to 495 RPM in the event that specific user conditions require modification of the speed. This slow speed reduces heat, noise, and static generation in the grinder. It also ensures that the beans feed smoothly into the burrs.

On-off Switch: The Encore has an easy on-off switch.

CleaningBurrs are easily removable with no tools, making cleaning very easy.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Stephen Barber
    A good little burr grinder

    This was a straight replacement for one about seven years old which had started getting erratic and then just died. I did consider sending it off for a repair but decided in the end just to replace it. When the new one came, I was amazed by how smart it looked and how shabby the old one had got, that despite cleaning it regularly. Putting it together was not hard, except that it is tricky seating the goblet into the grinder. It seems to grind much faster than the old one, for the same level of grind, so I suppose the old one was wearing out.

    Second time around

    Great 5 star service from Horsham Coffee Roasters (replacing the first faulty item) and I am delighted with the replacement machine which works perfectly, grinding the beans consistently well.

    A J Claydon

    Absolutely love the machine. I give it 5 stars although some people would give zero. The reason is it wasn’t calibrated correctly and wouldn’t grind at all fine enough.great big chunks of beans were half ground even on the fine settings. It was obviously a factory wrong setting but thanks to YouTube they had videos of how to rectify this. Being good with my hands I found this easy to alter and I’m over the moon at how it performs. Great coffee taste!!

    Grace Price
    Very good

    Very pleased with my coffee grinder.

    Peter Walker
    Great home Grinder

    Really happy with the Batatza Encore. I decided to move to home grinding mainly for V60, Aeropress and French Press and I’m really happy with the results. I weigh and grind my bean to order as opposed filling the hopper so i can easily change between beans. Also I have fairly entry level Delongi espresso machine and the encore has been able to provide a grind that works in it; previously commercial ground espresso has been a little to fine for my machine. All in all a great buy.