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Mahlkonig EK43 coffee grinder

Looking for a Mahlkonig coffee grinder? Head over to our collection of Mahlkonig grinders to place your order. There is no doubt they make some the best coffee grinders in the world and we are proud to be able to supply them. We have extensive experience with several of their models and use the EK43 on a regular basis at our roastery and at our shop, Bond St Coffee. 

For daily coffee shop use we highly recommend the Mahlkonig E65s espresso grinder. It's a quick, efficient and robust grinder perfect for coffee shops serving 15-30kg of coffee per week. The on demand dosing is very accurate and dialling in of espresso is fairly easy due to the small grind adjustments that are possible. This model is also available with built in scales for even more acurate coffee dosing. 

For even busier locations the E80 Supreme with 80mm burrs is designed to handle very large daily columes. 

For batch brew, filter coffee and grinding customer retail bags we highly recommend the versitile EK43 grinder (as seen in the picture above). We have two of these at the roastery and use them on a daily basis for cupping, filter brewing and espresso evaluation. The build quality is excellent and they feature massive 98mm burrs.

For more information on Mahlkonig grinders and pricing please email We are happy to provide quotes for any of the Mahlkonig equipment found on on their website.