Nueva Granada

Nueva Granada is a 675 hectare coffee farm in San Marcos owned by Dieter Nottebohm, nestled by the two tallest volcanos in Guatemala - Tajumulco and Tacana. They grow a wide range of varietals including Geisha, Bourbon, Catuai and Caturra.



El Tumbador, San Marcos


1000-1600 masl


Bourbon, Geisha, Laurina, Catuai, Caturra, Catimor, Liberica

Meet The Producers

The farm has over 60 hectares of protected forest, which allows animals such as pumas and deer to pass through and visit other farms in the area. The rest of the farm has tree cover, too, including Inga and macadamia trees, which provide an additional source of income.

Our farm, in its commitment to sustainable practices, prioritizes eco-processors for coffee processing due to their significantly lower water usage. However, several natural springs exist on the farm, which we harness for the washed processed coffee. With our own dry mill, we maintain full control over the process, from the tree to the final export packaging, ensuring every step is in line with our sustainability goals.

The farm produces over 40 tons of compost each year using red worms, mixing coffee pulp and macadamia skins. Spring water is provided as a clean source to nearby villages. Health workers are employed to provide education, first aid, and vaccinations. Schooling is paid for, and scholarships are made available every year to the children of the farm's employees.

Harvesting & Processing

They focus on hand harvesting with vareital seperation to create a range of different microlots with high cup scores. A range of washed, honey and natural processed coffees are produced and which typically depends on the varietal being processed and the cup score potential.