Clever Coffee Dripper - Minimal Fuss, Perfect Extraction.

Clever Coffee Dripper - Minimal Fuss, Perfect Extraction.

Clever Coffee Dripper - Immersion brew alternative to the Hario V60

With the Hario V60, Kalita Wave and Aeropress dominating the speciality manual-brew market in terms of available brewers, it can be tough to remember that there actually are other ways fo making a delicious filter coffee at home or in a cafe setting. Heck, it might even be easier and better than the aforementioned brewers. 

The Clever Dripper seems to of been operating on the outside of the speciality industry, occasionally used and not often talked about. Maybe it's the lack of social media presence and lack of appearances at coffee events that has resulted in a reduced presence in the speciality industry. 

Clever Coffee Dripper

That being said, there are a number of speciality cafes and home brewers who have realised that the clever coffee dripper can give you an even, high extraction that produces a delicate and nuanced cup with very little precision or fuss involved. 

It became apparent to me after trying numerous recipes and techniques that this brewer can produce a cup so delicate, light and juicy that in blind taste I would defy anyone to distinguish it from a v60 or Kalita. 

What sets the Clever coffee dripper apart from those devices is that complete lack of precision pouring required to make your coffee. Above all it is an immersion brewer, meaning you can just pour your water on, wait a certain amount of time and drop the brewer onto your device. 

The slurry temperature is kept stable when you put the lid on the brewer, plus due to it being made of plastic it actually retains heat much better than a ceramic or metal brewer. Add this to the consistent flatbed you'll be getting nearly every time, and if you've got yourself a lovely even extraction which is the key to great coffee. 

If your cafe isn't quite busy enough to justify a fresh batch brew every 45 minutes, this could be a great, simple and consistent brew method to provide delicious fresh filter coffee.

Provided you've weighed your dose, brew water and have a timer, there's no reason why a perfectly extracted brew should be hard to achieve. 

For a brew guide, click here - Clever Dripper - Brew Guide  

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