Brazil Santa Clara natural - Coffee of the month

Brazil Santa Clara natural - Coffee of the month

Brazil Santa Clara natural - Coffee of the month

We've got another fantastic coffee of the month to share with our subscribers starting from all orders sent out on the 8th of January.

This coffee comes from Santa Clara in Conceição do Rio Verde, Brazil.

Varietal –  Yellow Catuai
Preparation – Natural
Location – Conceição do Rio Verde, Brazil
Altitude – 1050 masl
Importer - DR Wakefield

Santa Clara shared the following information:

“Our family has been working with coffee for a long time. The first coffee trees were planted around 1900 and continue to this day. Our family is composed of immigrants from Italy and Portugal. Both with lives dedicated to working with the land. “

Now in the third generation of people dedicated to agriculture, Moacyr Dias Pereira and Alayde Graciano Pereira work the farm together with their four children, Fernando, Carlos Henrique, Eduardo and Luciana. All are married and living off their work with the farm. The family is extremely concerned with environmental preservation and native forest areas, as well as preserving water sources.

Employees are qualified and trained to develop their functions respecting the environment. “We strive to improve our techniques and learn new technologies to produce the best coffees. “

Harvesting and process:

Coffee is hand picked selecting the ripest cherry.

On the same day, the coffee is transported to the processing centre, where the beans are sorted and laid out to dry on concrete patios.

After that, the coffee is placed in wooden granaries to rest for a period of 30 days.

Tasting Notes:

This is a great example of a Brazilian coffee that showcases some juicy, fruity notes in additional to the traditional chocolate and nut flavours. Tasting notes include berries, brown sugar, milk chocolate and nuts. 

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